About Us

Located on the outskirts of Lahore, within close proximity to export-based abattoirs, Oasis Farms with a herd size of almost 1,000 cattle heads is Pakistan’s largest Commercial Beef Operation. Set up in 2014, Oasis Farms has firmly entrenched itself as one of the largest & most-reliable suppliers of Fattened Carcasses in Punjab’s meat export circles.

Spread over 130 acres divided into housing area of 30acres supplemented by 100acres land under cultivation to fulfill grain & forage requirements, Oasis Farms operates in a truly pioneering fashion in Pakistan’s beef industry.

Fattening animals on an energy-rich diet for 70-90 days, all animals slaughtered are standardized for meat quality, in terms of colour, texture, moisture, etc. These animals are sold to meat exporters completing the link from farmers to the market.

Oasis Farms has also experimented with retail meat supply in 2015-16, being contracted for a short period of time by Howdy’s, Food Truck Co & Johnny Rockets Pakistan (American fast food retail chain) for the supply of boneless beef to diner-style restaurants in Lahore.

Oasis Farms has recently initiated direct export of its fattened carcasses incorporating grading and branding into the value chain. The ultimate goal lies in developing a Pakistani Boneless Grain-Fed Beef brand as a substitute to higher priced New Zealand, Brazilian, South African beef leveraging the immense potential of the halal meat markets of Middle & Far East.

Inside Pakistan’s Largest Commercial Beef Feedlot Operation

Our Facilities

Our purpose built facility combined with our management & feeding techniques gives us the ability to maintain consistency, and ensures our beef is of the highest quality with a light colour & delicious flavour.

Our Beef

With five halal approved abattoirs in close proximity (within 30Km) , Oasis Farms is able to deliver affordable quality beef directly into the Middle East. We pride ourselves in ensuring all cattle are hand-slaughtered without stunning before being chilled to required temperatures to ensure optimum pH. All carcasses are graded by an independent meat- grader to ensure we deliver only the best quality


We regularly consult with foreign experts to push the envelope on our practices out of a belief that our beef can match and even exceed that produced by major exporting countries as Brazil & New Zealand.


In partnership with Market Development Facility, funded by Australian Government, Oasis Farms runs development programs to better integrate smallholder farmers into the supply chain. The program hinges on provision of Technical Assistance, &compensating smallholder farmers based on live weights of the animal instead of the traditional system.

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